Some Tips To Make Your Lower Ab workouts More Striking


Lower Ab Workouts are a very important part of your training. Beyond making your abdominal muscles stronger it helps you to get a better backbone stability and ready for other exercises. If you want to improve your body shape, the abdominal workouts are an important part of the training. But that alone will not enhance your abdominal appearance. In order to lose fat you should follow a healthy diet and practice aerobic training.

When you do lower ab workouts for the first time, you can find it difficult mainly because it involves more muscle control and concentration. Because of that it’s common to see people cheat on that. So here are some tips to make your lower ab workouts more striking.

1 – At any time if you feel pain in your lower back stop doing the exercise. The lower back pain is a signal that your lower ab isn’t strong enough or that you are not doing the exercise correctly.

2 – Do your exercise slowly. By doing it slowly you put in a lot of concentration and further more increasing the usage of the muscles. When the Lower abdominal workout is done quickly then you decrease your muscular control and minimize the effectiveness.

3 – It’s very important to breath whilst performing lower abdominal workouts. Your initial tendency will be to hold the breaths or do it superficially. But it’s very important to take deep breaths during the execution of the exercise. When performing the exercise, exhale while your muscles are strengthening/shortening and inhale while your muscles are stretching/lengthening.

4 – If you start not to feel your abs working it’s a signal that it is fatigued and you should rest for a bit.


5 – When you do the lower ab workouts it’s not important how many times you can do it, but the intention that you are going to put in and the performance. Doing it slowly and with good control is the key to get the best result.


One of the best lower ab exercises are leg lifts. Lying on your back with your hands under your butt. Then lift your legs until they get vertical with you abdominal contracted. So you lower your legs a few inches from the ground and hold it for ten seconds after that return to the original position.

In addition to that you can also try the alternating leg lifts. At the some position as the previous exercise, raise both legs then lower one leg at a time until it is an inch off the floor and hold it, alternating each leg.

This exercises and tips for lower ab workouts will help you build a solid foundation of abdominal strength and also help avert lower back problems. You must mix that with a good and healthy diet and overall exercise program to build the body of your dreams.


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