How To DOMINATE 225 Bench Press For Reps

bench press


How A Skinny Kid With Asthma Achieved a 452 Pound Bench Press!

Here’s the true story of how I went from lifting a puny 100 pounds on the bench… to literally being able to bench press over 400 pounds & packed on 75 pounds of muscle mass In the process! and he guarantees you can get the same amazing results!

If you learn the simple secrets I’m about to reveal… you can quickly add more weight to your bench press… pack on solid muscle mass… and get a muscular, physique that makes you feel proud and confident!
Click here to learn how to being able to over 400 pounds


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  1. Ana Ionescu
    14 May 16, 8:19pm

    Interesting video.

  2. 18 February 17, 9:52am

    Nice pic