5 Of The Most Conditioned Bodybuilders Ever To Live

The key elements of bodybuilding are pretty straightforward. You need to train hard, eat clean, rest your body properly, get adequate sleep, rinse and repeat! Partaking in these habits can make you into a superstar, . Those who rise to the top are often unfazed and keep on trucking. Here is a handful of such people that may help you find inspiration.



Perhaps the most famous and best-conditioned bodybuilder of all time is a man who hails from Austria. His full name is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger and he has shaped what the world of bodybuilding is today. There’s even a yearly event named the Arnold Classic that attracts thousands of people.

He started weightlifting at the ripe old age of 15 and won the Mr Universe competition five years later. His tall stature and eye-popping physique were hard to ignore, and that was a big reason why he ended up with seven Mr Olympia titles. It’s hard enough to win just one, but due to his perseverance and dedication he did it time and time again.

On a side note, he became very active in educating ordinary people and schools on the importance of fitness, and even wrote multiple books on this topic. Aside from his performances in the gym and on stage, he later became a famous actor and politician.

His story shows what can happen when you really apply yourself to what you’re passionate about. Aside from the rippling muscles, there’s a whole world of opportunity that can be tapped into. 



Another very famous and finely tuned machine of a man is Ronnie Coleman. Originally from Louisiana, Coleman first entered the bodybuilding world when he was working as a cop in Texas. He won the first event he entered and that opened the door to a very successful and lucrative career.

He was in the heavyweight division and competed at the 300-lb mark. He is massive, he is cut, and he is one of the leaders in this field. Let his track record speak for itself. Through his years of competing, he’s pulled in the Mr Olympia crown eight years in a row from 1998 to 2005, and has the record with 26 IFBB professional wins.

When he isn’t training, he runs a supplement business, travels the globe giving seminars, and is a big proponent of the Inner City Games. He’s also strict about the way he trains. Free weights are all he uses because he feels that they allow you more range of motion to target your muscles. That’s good advice if you’re looking to take your game up a notch.



Are you familiar with the term “beast mode”? If not, just fix your gaze on the specimen known as Jay Cutler. He is huge, he is strong, he is ripped to shreds, and he has left an eternal mark on the bodybuilding industry.

Jay’s journey started when he was 11 years old. He worked for his brother’s concrete company and soon found an admiration for being strong and getting big. In his later teen years he transferred his hard work ethic from the job site to the gym.

By the time he was 18, he took lifting seriously and entered his first bodybuilding competition at age 19. He placed second. At this point, it was on like Donkey Kong, and his career went into full gear.

He ended up winning three Arnold Classic titles as well as four Mr Olympias. Now his primary focus is his nutrition line. But he still stays in top shape and is sure to drop your jaw if you see him in person.



You may know him as The Incredible Hulk. But before that he was the incredible bodybuilder known as Louis Jude “Lou” Ferrigno. A monster of a man from Brooklyn, NY, Ferrigno went toe-to-toe with Arnold Schwarzenegger during his heyday. He never beat him, but they did train together and were good friends.

The movie Pumping Iron was a chronicle of them both going for the title. Although his accolades in bodybuilding were a bit meager, that doesn’t tell the whole story about his physique. He was still massive, very defined, and hulk-like.

This eventually got him a role in the hit TV show The Incredible Hulk. He later went on to star in a number of movies and TV shows, as well as gracing the cover of popular magazines such as FlexMuscle and Fitness, and Ironman.



I decided to save the best for last. Here’s the interesting thing. Bruce Lee probably doesn’t come to mind when you think about bodybuilders. But when you think of the most conditioned people in the world, it’s no contest. Bruce was at the top of the list back then and still is to this day!=

He was a mere 145 lbs and about 5’8” tall. His training methods put him in an elite class and he still has people staring into space in awe. It was through his work ethic that he got into movies and TV, and he was used in small roles in the late ‘60s.

As time went on he faced prejudice and an array of other obstacles, but this never slowed him down. By the point of his untimely death, the movie Enter the Dragon was number one in America, which was always his goal. He just wanted to make a difference and have an impact. He achieved both in one fell swoop, but unfortunately wasn’t able to enjoy his success.

But he left such an impact with his finely chiseled physique that everyone who sees him still aspires to be like him.



There you have it. These are some of the best-conditioned athletes and bodybuilders you will ever come across. If you get the chance to meet any of them, it will be well worth your time. At the very least, look them up and follow what they’ve done and still do. Their inspiration can help you turn the corner and achieve the goals that you might once have thought impossible.


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