11 Worst Foods for Building Muscle


Worst Foods for Building Muscle
Diet is going to make a clear difference on the progress that you see as your work to increase lean muscle mass, so if you want to get optimal results, you absolutely must be eating right for success.
This said, far too many people are filling their diet full of improper muscle-building foods that will only take away from the progress that they could be seeing.
Let’s go over the worst foods for Building Muscle that you could eat and why they are going to take away from the results that you will see from your time invested at the gym.


The 11 Worst Foods for Building Muscle, stay away from these at all costs


High volumes of vegetables

While vegetables are nutritious and should be included in every person’s diet, do so in moderation when looking to add muscle mass. Eating too many will just fill you up and not provide nearly enough calorie support.

Fast food

While fast food is high in calories, it will only lead to fat gain, not lean muscle mass gain.

Egg whites

Go for the whole egg instead. It’s higher in calories and contains more nutrients for building muscle.

Candy bars

These sugar bombs will just spike insulin levels and encourage fat gain to take place.

Commercial protein bars

Just like candy bars, these contain too much sugar to have in most diet plans. Prepare your own protein bars instead if you want something fast to eat on the go.

Pasta with cream sauce

Even though you want a high calorie intake, avoid sauces containing saturated varieties of fat. Opt for marinara sauce instead.

Cooked oatmeal

Go with raw oatmeal. It’s a far superior option for building lean muscle mass.

Fruit juice

While calorie dense, this beverage will encourage fat gain as well. Stick to whole fruits instead.

Weight gainers

These often contain way too many calories for just about everyone – building muscle or not. Plus, they are loaded with sugar. If you want to make your own weight gainer, combine protein powder with some oats and flaxseeds instead. This is far healthier and gives you calorie control.

Sugary breakfast cereals

While they may be tasty, they won’t provide a lasting source of energy for the morning ahead. Opt for raw oats or bran cereals instead to keep blood glucose levels stabilized.


This will immediately put the brakes on any muscle-building progress you are seeing taking place.
If you can do your part to stay away from these and focus on smarter choices instead, you will see far greater results from your effort and will feel better as you go about your muscle-building program of choice.
Remember that planning out your diet ahead of time is one of the best ways to ensure that you stick with it and see the progress you’re after.


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